A long time ago, on a dark and stormy night in the wilderness up North, a half viking, half samurai was born.

In 2012, Kaj packed his bags and moved to Japan and became a so called "salary man". As a Japanese office worker, Kaj's job duties include brewing coffee, reading emails, logistics, planning, PR, website maintenance and yelling "Buy buy buy!" on the phone. His profession also entitles him to call himself an optics line scan camera (wannabe) expert.

He resides around Shinagawa and recently got a new bicycle. Three years ago, he set out on an epic bike ride to Mt. Fuji. He didn't make it all the way to the top - in fact, he did not even make it half way up. This year, he will do a summer ride down to Izu peninsula. Shoot him a message if you are interested in joining.

Kaj likes to go to the gym and currently has his mind set for beach 2013 2014 2015 next year...

Don't be afraid to EMAIL KAJ, he is a really nice guy.

You can also connect with Kaj on Linkedin and offer him a job.